Observation and insight on elementary excitations are central to every field of quantum material research, including unconventional magnetism, superconductivity, and other strongly correlated, topologically protected, or low-dimensional systems.

This Winter School is addressed to graduate students and young scientists, as a part of quantum research collaboration among University of British Columbia (UBC), The University of Tokyo (UTokyo), and the Max Planck Society. (The school is sponsored by the MERIT program at the University of Tokyo,)
The lectures will cover a wide variety of recent experiment and theoretical topics, and run for four days from Monday to Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students and young scientists have an opportunity to present a short oral presentation or poster.

The organizers:
  • Atsushi Fujimori (UTokyo, Japan)
  • Kentaro Kitagawa (UTokyo, Japan)
  • Andrea Damascelli (UBC, Canada)
  • Dirk Manske (MPI-fkf, Germany)
  • The MERIT program at the University of Tokyo